today's activity.

i got an english presentation. the presentation goes as i planned. hahaha.,(see the pics). actually, i'm on training that time. when i'm jogging around the field, i saw a huge mushroom on the ground, excited n ask my fren (Lan) to take few pics of it. as you all known, october is rainy month due to changing weather. in ipoh, on the evening got a heavy rain for 3 days, no wonder why mushroom can live on the middle of football field. hahaha. i want to pick the mushroom, but em'. naaahh..nevermind. so i get back for training afterwards. unfortunately, todays training felt nothing, everything like cannot go. (haha. don't know how to express.) maybe bcoz of the mushroom. huhu. but, its okay. go to go. tata.!

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