why do mamak stall more popular than malay stall?

pics just an acting, not related to anyone.

they sometimes take it easy on some important matters of hygiene and so on. what we can see now, mamak stalls more accessible than malay stalls, why?

These are among the reasons why the Indian Muslim are more interesting than the malays in restaurant business.

  • 1. services
- Services of these people are good. because they were never late and always efficient and conscientious.
- But if the Malays, the customer is seated at the cafe to eat more than an hour and only ordered a glass of plain water, at retailers face pouts.
- Compared to the mamak.
  • 2. hygiene.
- Sometimes the plates, cups, spoons, not cleaned properly.
(There is no clay to fit in a glass of ice tea. Terrible!)
  • 3. time to make payment.
-Mamak-money given by the hand and the balance is also given by hand.
-Malay-money given by the hand and thrown on the counter is given by the employee. worse if it is older people. sigh ~
  • 4. environment.
Mamak-they-turn on sports channels such as Saturday night football.
Malay-install-only channels that broadcast the story of a boring drama!. How to attract customers to come visit. haih,,

what is wrong if you spend money to subscribe to Astro. (astro pay more royalty yea, haha) switch to sports channel, ESPN. confirm a lot of customers coming.

oh malays..please change your attitude. no intention to condemn anyone. just wanna tell some truth that happened in our beloved country,


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