saturday Hang-Out


2 april, mid valley megamall. I met her again for long term of busy-ing because of study period. We have promised to meet at 11 a.m. then I arrive at one hour late, haha. She had to wait for it. Because of I missed the train. Well well well, then we go to Mc’D. I ate mcflurry and she had a big mac burger I think. (can’t remember clearly). We shared some story bout us. And I let her tells bout her more. Kinda cute this girl. Hahaha. After few minutes at Mc’D. then I ask her whether she wants to watch a movie. She just agreed with me. She wanna watch MERONG MAHAWANGSA. But em, the movie schedule shows only at 6.30 p.m and 9.00 p.m. then she changed her mind and choose to watch SUCKER PUNCH at 4p.m. I just agreed. (lantak kau lah. Haha). We got a few time before the movie started. She challenged me to have a bowling fighting( fighting is’nt it?). we got 2 frames. I won the 1st round and so do the 2nd round. Haha. Pity you cik Fairah. After the game. She pull my hand to have a walk and finds VINCCI shop until the movie started. Look around for shoes I think. I just follow and saw a lot of peoples there. My tummy just get hungry and I decided to have kuey tiow sup at the food court. Then we rushed to GSC theater. Get our seat on. (Movie review). Kinda boring on the beginning. Then the flow also boring. The conclusion is the movie quite weird. Duration is 2 hour! Haha. I spended a good time with her. She is my friend. Just a friend. Thanks to you Marfairah Nur Marhisham for everything.

I’ll never be the same, if we ever meet again.

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